At its core. Ferrazzi Greenlight is a research institute focused on human behavior change. Our consulting around high-return practices creates habits that transform company cultures and optimizes sales and leadership teams. We turn regional managers of sales outlets into trusted advisors who improve customer experience. Our ultimate aim is to extend behavior change beyond the workplace to improve the lives of the disenfranchised via our Greenlight Giving Foundation and collaboration with the private, government and non-profit sectors.

Ferrazzi Greenlight has long been known for helping professionals advance business objectives through four relational mindsets: generosity, intimacy, accountability and candor.

These mindsets are levers for the high-return practices we coach to drive organizational change. Practices are  tasks to perform, the "what do I do specifically" to achieve a desired kind of behavior.

We thin-slice behavior into practices in order to be effective at helping people change, because changing your behavior is an extraordinarily hard thing to do without a clear, easy-to-follow "here's how." We also know to focus on precisely who needs to change first (not everyone at once). 

For us, the process begins by consulting with a client to determine which fewest individuals or groups changing which narrowest set of behaviors will give you the lift you desire.

We quickly move constituencies from problematic old-way habits to new ways of behaving. We make the need for behavior change emotionally felt so it isn't rejected as the flavor of the month. 

The communities we curate start the change movement. They co-create the desired best practices, getting their insights and buy in. Then they are coached in the use of these practices while using them to perform work they have to do anyway, so it's not extra, non essential work, but a more effective way to work.

Those who get it first and spread the word become leaders of the movement, and we qualify some of those leaders of your change as coaches. Once we've certified them, they can build on our positive business results and keep adjusting your organizational behaviors as required once our work is done. That makes the change “stick” in your organization's DNA.  

The behavior shifts we achieve for each client tend to focus on accomplishing specific financial goals. While our methodology is relational, its foundation is based in rigorous quantitative metrics that measure your progress in both the financial outcomes and behavior changes that cascade throughout your organization.

Let us help you change the organizational behavior that's keeping you from achieving your strategic goals.