Office Secret Santas

Office Secret Santas

At Ferrazzi Greenlight, someone asked whether we could do Secret Santas. It brought back memories of what I was like when I was in college. This serves as an example of what not to do with Secret Santas at the office.

Back at Yale, we did a Secret Santa and there were about six gifts leading up to holiday vacation. I remember getting my first gift and it was something like a big candy worm. I had no interest in it. I didn’t know the woman who I had on my gift-giving list, so I figured this was easy. I will just give her what I was given and re-gifted all the gifts through Secret Santa.

Turns out that I had drawn the name of the same person who was giving me gifts. I was totally busted. I thought it was funny. She did not find it amusing. She found me insensitive.

I promise to be more creative for my own staff this year.

Happy Holidays!

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