Five Ways to Run Better Virtual Meetings

Anyone who has sat in enough teleconferences has experienced a special kind of meeting hell. The discussion drifts and sags until, to try to get things back on track, the facilitator says, “John, what do you think about the proposed initiative?” Then, after an awkwardly long pause, John responds with: “Oh, sorry, what was the question again?”

Teleconferences can be a huge waste of time. But, when conducted properly, they can be both efficient and effective, even more so than face-to-face meetings. That’s right: virtual meetings can be superior to traditional physical ones. The obvious advantage of teleconferences is that they are a quick, easy, and relatively cheap means of getting people together, but there are also other unique benefits that aren’t so widely known.

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Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi


New York Times best-selling author, speaker

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