Opening People to Change

The core of every FG engagement is the shifting of an individual or team’s emotional connection to change, using a specific set of practices developed by our Think Tank. We call it Porosity, which is simply our measure for how open people are to change innately and in a particular change context.

Start a Change Movement

To change a business culture, a lot of people have to change – but a movement starts with only a few. Our approach partners our master facilitators with your leaders to effectively challenge people to join a change effort. Those naturally open to change become role models who help drive the adoption of high-return practices by others, creating a movement that ultimately becomes a new way of work. Over time, we help create mastery of change through individualized coaching.


Our comprehensive Porosity Matrix captures the full range of people's relationship to change.

The relational competency of your IT team is critical to your entire company's success.

One of the best ways to create and maintain strong relationships is to lead with generosity.

Partner With Us

If you’re interested in learning how to engage the people in your organization who have the power to transform your results, send us a message and we’ll set up a call with you.