Testimonials: High Impact Teams

Creating Successful, Interdependent Teams

Bob Carrigan
CEO, Dun & Bradstreet

Embracing Candor and Vulnerability to Go from Good to Great

Jeff Bell,
CEO, LegalShield


How Do We Create These Outcomes?

Executive Team Coaching

Measures, Outcomes & Teamwork

High-Return Practices

Embracing Conflict and Collaborative Problem Solving

Accountability, Conflict and Collaboration

Co-Elevation, Individual and Team Development


More Testimonials

Keith Ferrazzi knows that the saying ‘proximity is power’ is true and therefore builds an extraordinary mix of guests at each and every one of his dinners. Furthermore, Keith is one of the world’s greatest hosts and facilitates each event so that every guest walks away feeling a little more connected both with themselves and with the industry peer group they are part of.
– Jonathan Mildenhall, CMO, Airbnb

I have always felt the need for a McKinsey approach to strategy and a Ferrazzi Greenlight behavioral change approach to ensure our people can execute on whatever strategy is at hand.
– Devin Wenig, President & CEO, eBay

Ferrazzi Greenlight’s High-Impact Teams methodology has transformed the way we interact at Dun & Bradstreet. It has been applied to great success within the executive ranks, and we are now cascading it throughout the entire organization.
– Josh Peirez, President and COO, Dun & Bradstreet

Our work with Ferrazzi Greenlight during the early stages of our executive teams development radically accelerated our ability to have candid conversations, which enabled us to efficiently and more effectively address key tenets of our strategy.
– John Reid-Dodick, Former Chief People Officer, Thomson Reuters

The Ferrazzi Greenlight team helped us adopt a sense of mutual accountability, a greater focus on hard and soft skills, and peer-to-peer support networks all in service of individual, team, and corporate growth.
– Lisa Buckingham, Chief Human Resources, Brand and Communications Officer, Lincoln Financial Group

The combination of collaborative problem solving, focused on real business issues, while also addressing underlying team dynamics yielded a powerful series of sessions that tightened our connectedness as a team.
– Lisa Arthur, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Teradata Applications

Ferrazzi Greenlight transformed our Customer Advisory Boards by fostering real connection and loyalty among the group and the individual participants. As a next step we will work with Ferrazzi Greenlight to accelerate peer-to-peer learning and create a real, ongoing customer community.
РGeorge Fischer, President, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Creating world class teams is challenging. The normal time and margin for error to build highly collaborative and productive teams does not exist anymore. HIT sessions provide a platform to quickly create high-impact teams that place you and your organization ahead of the curve.
– Chris Lewter, VP, Sales & Distribution, Verizon

The HIT process fast tracked how I “fight” with and for my beloved, imperfect colleagues. It’s made me more comfortable in sharing my self – good bad etc – both in and out of the office.
– Steve Thomson, Marketing, Verizon

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