Break Down Silos to Create Strategic Partners

Align Non-Customer-Facing Staff with Company Strategy

When people within your organization work as trusted advisors to one another, you’ll feel the culture shift around collaboration in service of business strategy. Our Trusted Advisor program coaches the behaviors that make your internal teams more effective in partnering across the organization to anticipate competitive demands, pursue strategic opportunities, and ensure a customer-centric focus.

Trusted Advisor

What TA for Indirect Sales Teams Achieves

Through Trusted Advisor for Indirect Sales Teams, the flow of communications between headquarters and the field shifts from a transactional audit into a consultative partnership, where field service agents have earned the right to be trusted advisors to their retail partners. You can expect teams who:

  • Work at a strategic level, not a tactical one
  • Align execution of a retail strategy with the customer experience
  • Identify and reach for long-term goals with bigger results
  • Grow market share through their true understanding of the customer-facing challenges.

What TA for Internal Service Teams Achieves

Through Trusted Advisor for Internal Service Teams, your people shift from playing a transactional, auditor role into consultative, problem-solving partners who build trust, create accountability, and drive strategically important results for your company. You can expect teams who:

  • Ask the right strategic questions needed to solve problems
  • Align internal and external networks to create outcomes
  • Better understand their colleagues’ individual and collective behavior styles
  • More easily share strategic insights for stronger collaboration.

How TA Works

Measuring return on investment may seem elusive when it comes to internal service teams and indirect sales people. But our engagements have proven that alignment and partnering by these people makes a rapid and sustained impact on the retail-level metrics that matter most to executives. On our Trusted Advisor journey, your people become accountable to each other in reaching strategic goals, which dramatically enhances employee engagement, collaboration, and how your customers experience your brand.

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