Grow Strategic Accounts by Aligning Your Sales Ecosystem

Target Relationships to Win Business

Large strategic account growth happens faster and more effectively when clients experience everyone in your sales organization as aligned and working together. Our STAT program gives sales leaders, teams, and their partners specific roles and accountability for accelerating relationships inside your critical accounts.

Strategic Account Transformation

What STAT Achieves

  • Proper identification of targets in key accounts
  • Individualized outreach strategies for each target
  • Permission to co-create solutions with clients
  • Introductions that take you wider and deeper into accounts.

How STAT Works

Our coaching, relationship action planning, and behavior change practices make your sales teams and leaders more intentional in targeting the right client relationships and gaining permission to co-create solutions with them – which fundamentally shifts perception of your salesperson’s value beyond the product or service sold.

Client Stories

Partner With Us

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