Elevate Your Leaders to Performance Coaches

Create a New Path to Results

Strong people leaders ignite the power of their teams and expand their strategic impact. Our PLE program gives your leaders the tools they need to foster self- and peer-to-peer development, so they can coach to each team member’s strengths, collaborate more effectively, and more quickly achieve micro- and macro-level goals.

People Leader Elevation

What PLE Achieves

  • Leaders who flex their style to different members’ feedback needs
  • Increased collaboration that advances team’s strategic relevance
  • Apply coaching skill to hold team members accountable to goals
  • Employees better understand expectations and are more responsive to feedback.

How PLE Works

Over four sessions, we transform your leaders into coaches who understand how to bring forth each teammate’s best performance. Using Leader and Team Member Archetypes, developed by our Research Institute, we illuminate personal strengths and styles to improve communication and spark collaboration. We then facilitate peer-to-peer coaching and tools for developing strategic goals that will help your leaders more effectively drive toward business outcomes.

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