Accelerate the Relationships Most Critical to Your Company's Success

Transforming Marketing from Transactional to Relational

Most marketing is transactional, company-centric, campaign-driven, and focused on company selling to company. Ferrazzi Greenlight’s High Touch Marketing shifts the focus from what you have to sell to how can you serve the needs of clients as individuals, creating the deeper, personal relationships that will transform you into one of your clients’ most trusted advisors.

High-Touch Marketing

What High-Touch Marketing Achieves

  • Take a high-touch, people-centric approach to marketing where the focus is finding ways to generously be of service to the individuals most critical to your company’s success
  • Shift from a mode of company selling to company to people serving people
  • Move customer-facing personnel from transactional to relational through the adoption of relational mindsets and skillsets
  • Transform marketing events into interactive, peer-to-peer driven communities of people helping one another go higher together
  • Shift from the development of broadcast insight to co-created thought leadership

How High-Touch Marketing Works

Ferrazzi Greenlight’s High-Touch Marketing methodology transforms our client’s marketing from a function that is company- and product-centric, transactional, and impersonal to one that is personal, relational, and focused on creating mutual value for our clients as well as their end customers. High-Touch Marketing starts by identifying the individuals most important to our client’s success and then focuses on building a people-strategy to initiate and deepen relationships with each of them. We design and execute a range of services under the High Touch Marketing banner including Executive Communities, Co-Elevation Dinners, Thought Leadership Sales, and Executive Relationship Management. Each of the services relies on an approach that is grounded in generosity and mutual support while accelerating the relationships critical to the success of organizations overall as well as the individual executives who engage in the program.

Partner With Us

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