Unleash Growth by Creating High-Impact Teams

The Promise of High-Impact Teams Is
They Won’t Let Each Other Fail.

Great teams do not use a hub-and-spoke system of engagement from each member to the leader. Instead, the team takes responsibility for every member’s success. Our HIT program redefines accountability by introducing your high-performers to the power of candor, peer-to-peer coaching, and a team-first spirit.

How High-Impact Teams (HIT) Work

Our consultant coaches take your team’s staff meeting and transform it into a behavior-change scrimmage that accelerates strategic objectives and results. We dissect behavioral blockers as they appear, purge bad habits, and instill and practice new behaviors that shift ways of being that don’t serve the team. We then coach the new, better habits individually, over time, as members test new behavior in overcoming current challenges.

The core of each session is a series of Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) exercises aimed at key business topics. Each topic enables team members to spar on the team’s strategic objectives and challenges in a constructive manner, while bringing an inclusive set of perspectives into the room. CPS also provides a safe forum to practice HIT behaviors while ensuring a laser focus on business outcomes.

Ferrazzi Greenlight has a particular magic that our clients experience repeatedly throughout sessions; it happens in the powerful moments when a team or an individual opens up in a way that is truly surprising.

What HIT Can Achieve

  • Adoption and sustainment of new behaviors
  • Increased engagement of team and the broader organization
  • An engineered culture focused on the highest-return practices
  • Quicker decision-making and more lasting decisions
  • Inclusive decision-making that ensures a diversity of voices are heard
  • Accelerated risk-taking
  • Actual exponential change; not just rhetoric and plans

Specific Promises of Our HIT Program

Candor: Overcoming conflict avoidance to speak the truth in service of growth for both the business (refinement) and the people (feedback).

Collaboration and Inclusion: Unleashing the team’s ability to work together and innovate.

Personal Growth: Committing to a personal learning journey and being humble about what I get to do better.

360° Accountability for Results: Holding my teammates and myself accountable for our commitments and results.

Agility: Demonstrating the ability to iterate and change course as needed to ensure results.

Lifeline Relationships: Creating committed relationships by leading with generosity, being vulnerable, taking time to know (and like) each other, and developing psychological safety.

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