Unleash Growth by Creating a High-Impact Team

Turn Staff Meetings Into a Team Scrimmage

Great teams do not use a hub-and-spoke system of engagement from each member to the leader. Instead, the team takes responsibility for every member’s success. Our HIT program redefines accountability by introducing your high-performers to the power of candor, peer-to-peer coaching, and a team-first spirit.

High-Impact Teams

What HIT Achieves

  • Increased candor in conversation that is psychologically safe and productive
  • Quicker decision-making by executives with a comprehensive view of risk
  • True collaborative problem solving is the norm, not report outs
  • Each member accountable to the team and outcomes, above all.

How HIT Works

Our consultant coaches take your team’s staff meeting and transform it into a behavior-change scrimmage that accelerates strategic objectives and results. We dissect behavioral blockers as they appear, purge bad habits, and instill and practice new behaviors that shift ways of being that don’t serve the team. We then coach the new, better habits individually, over months, as members test new behavior in overcoming current challenges.

Client Stories

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