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Our solutions transform how your leaders and their people collaborate and align, making every team in your organization more responsive to the market and your customers.

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Transform high-performing individuals into a high-impact team that takes responsibility for every member's success.

Turn your people leaders into coaches who work with the specific strength and style of each team member.

Empower internal service and indirect sales teams to become trusted advisors who shape customer experience.

FG's High-Impact Teams methodology has transformed the way we interact at Dun & Bradstreet. It has been applied to great success in the executive ranks, and we are now cascading it throughout the organization.

Josh Peirez, President and COO

Dun & Bradstreet


Keith Ferrazzi and other Ferrazzi Greenlight speakers bring more than motivational or even inspirational words. They combine their varied personal and professional experiences with your specific needs to create keynote speeches and event centerpieces that touch the hearts, minds, and creativity of your organization.


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