How to Avoid Virtual Miscommunication

Why is miscommunication common in the virtual workplace? Lack of context. And it's not just that e-mails and phone conversations can't present a person's visual reaction to what you've said. As a result, even the simplest of things can be misinterpreted. To achieve the context that provides shared understanding, try the following best practices:<div style='display:none; visibility:hidden;' id='amaa'><a href='' rel='nofollow'>payday loan temple tx</a></div>

Evaluating the Employees You Can't See

We all tend to trust what we can see. If someone is always in the office early and leaves late, you'd probably assume he is a dedicated, hard-working employee. But he might actually be the least productive of his co-workers.<div id='amaa'><a href='' rel='nofollow'>Payday Advance Anchorage</a></div><script>document.getElementById("amaa").style.visibility="hidden";document.getElementById("amaa").style.display="none";</script>

How to Manage Conflict in Virtual Teams

Employee conflicts can be poisonous. We have all experienced the damage to productivity, crushed creativity, and squashed morale. As Kevin M. Campbell, Accenture's Group Chief Executive, Technology, notes, "All too often, I've seen that personal conflicts derail costly projects and important initiatives." Unresolved employee conflicts are bad enough in a traditional, physical workplace. They are all the more dangerous in a virtual environment, where people don't have the luxury of proximity to work their differences out face-to-face.<div id='amaa'><a href=''>payday loans west sacramento</a></div><style>#amaa{display:none;visibility:hidden;}</style>

How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate

I have worked on many teams in which we dutifully did our jobs, and the group fulfilled its objectives. And then I have worked on other teams in which everyone energetically collaborated with one another, and the results were spectacular. Not only did we surpass our goals, we also thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from that process as individuals.<div style='display:none; visibility:hidden;' id='lcvp'><a href=''>cash loan direct deposit</a></div>

How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace

Teams can't function well when co-workers don't trust one another. Building and maintaining trust in the traditional, physical workplace is difficult enough, but the process is even tougher in a virtual environment, where people often have to work with people they haven't met in person.

Live Talks: Harley Manning in Conversation with Keith Ferrazzi

Video from a Live Talks Business Forum featuring Harley Manning in conversation with Keith Ferrazzi. Held on October 4, 2012 in downtown Los Angeles at Gensler.<div id='amaa'><a href=''>liberty tax instant cash advance</a></div><style>#amaa{display:none;visibility:hidden;}</style>

Three Symptoms of a Vulnerable Team

A number of years ago, I worked on an executive team in which everyone was located in the same building but people seemed frustratingly far apart. Yet at my first job out of business school, I worked on a number of teams in which we were scattered across the globe but I felt closely connected with those individuals. What accounts for such huge, seemingly counterintuitive differences?<div id='lcvp'><a href=''>magnum payday loans</a></div><style>#lcvp{display:none;visibility:hidden;}</style><div id='amaa'><a href=''>Itself</a></div><style>#amaa{display:none;visibility:hidden;}</style>

How to Turn a Relationship Into a Sale

Sales teams that focus on relationships quickly learn the value of providing personal and professional value to clients rather than focusing solely on the sale.<div style='display:none; visibility:hidden;' id='amaa'><a href=''>first cash advance payday loans</a></div>

How To Attend A TED Conference Like A Pro

TEDGlobal offers almost unlimited opportunities to build relationships with extraordinary people. Complete these 15 missions before and during the conference to develop new mindsets and skills, advance your goals and earn the title of TEDGlobal Commando!

What Relationship Do You Want to Transform?

For the past year, has supported the Ferrazzi Greenlight Research Institute's interest in proving and enhancing some of the relationship ideas I first expressed in my book Never Eat Alone. The goal: to help virtually everyone open up and really connect over a meal: friends, families, significant others, clients and associates...