Make Moneyball Changes in Days Instead of Seasons

My research team and I have had a couple of interesting conversations with Colin Kinsella, CEO of Mindshare Interactive. How did Colin end the feet-dragging that had stalled the change he was brought on board to finish? Not by telling the team what leadership wanted them to achieve, but by changing how the team did things.

Kinsella moved team meetings into The Loop (a multi-screened war room). “That room has a whole bunch of behavioral change mechanics built into it,” he said. The Loop partially completed Mindshare’s transition from a media agency to a digital agency by focusing the team not only on paid media but also owned (website) and earned (i.e., social) media.

Just as important, instead of unproductive reporting on what they had done and what was planned, the team meeting in The Loop became where they took action.

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Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi


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