Increase the Engagement of Your Virtual Teams

The trend to virtual teams continues unabated. It applies as an overarching organizing principle and in your own teams. Leaders who used to manage a hierarchy, then a matrix, are now managing relationships with a network of individuals they may never have met inside and outside our organizations.

That broad virtual engagement makes sense. 87% of respondents to our 2013 Greenlight Research Institute study on team effectiveness agree that relationships with their informal network has greater impact on achieving goals than people from within their formalÂreporting structure.

So how do the best of leaders of virtual teams score higher engagement and correspondingly better business results? Can technology make virtual teams more productive, successful,
and innovative?

Our Greenlight Research Institute study found the impact of today’s tools to be decidedly mixed. While more than 80 percent of respondents felt virtual communications technology improves employees sense of engagement, more than half said constant connection to all streams of information distracted more than it contributed to their job satisfaction and productivity.

That’s why you should read Greenlight Research’s whitepaper about practices that leverage the full value of technology solutions designed to increase the engagement of virtual teams.

We even look at how you can leverage neurochemistry to positively impact engagement for your virtual team.


Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi


New York Times best-selling author, speaker

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