Driving Real Change in a Major Auto Manufacturer


Our client, a global auto manufacturer, came up against the biggest challenge it had ever faced. The recession, broken relationships with dealers, and fierce competition from Asian and European manufacturers put the iconic firm on the brink.


Ferrazzi Greenlight set about giving a major overhaul to our client’s command-and-control management style, affecting the chain all the way from HQ to district managers to customer-facing dealers and, ultimately, to customers. Pivotal to the entire transformation was our coaching of district managers (DMs), who where a crucial link in this chain, on specific practices required to shift their behaviors from transactional to relational. Over time, their role as perceived by dealers shifted dramatically from order-givers from HQ to trusted advisors who cared and were intentional in helping them put sales back on track.


  • Highest JD Powers owner-satisfaction ratings of any American car company
  • Customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores reached 100% in eight out of 10 surveys
  • Fewer repeat repairs, which are expensive for dealers and horrible for customers
  • Market share shifts in pilot regions
  • Dealer employees reported that they felt empowered to handle customer issues in real time and to say “Yes” as often as possible (in ways that did not hurt profitability)
  • Client’s employee role models for “new-way” behaviors coached others to sustain the change.
What was once a room full of adversaries became a team. We got the locked, rusted fly-wheel to move slightly. A team was formed and a movement began.

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