How HR Can Lead the Way to a Value-Centric Culture

Unleashing the Strategic Impact of HR Teams and the Value-Creators They Serve


Cultures don’t change, people do. But the hardwired behaviors of people are difficult to change. It’s what keeps CEOs up at night and why they need a strategic HR teams to lead the way. This requires today’s HR professionals to augment their traditional service delivery with research-based skills and tools that make strategic impact possible. By establishing their internal brand as trusted advisors, “next gen” HR professionals can supercharge a value-centric culture to increase customer loyalty, profitable growth, and investor valuations.

What Next Gen Strategic HR Can Achieve

  • Develop an outside-in mindset focused on business results
  • Execute with agility in making tactical corrections
  • Align people and performance with differentiating capabilities
  • Apply a relational consulting process
  • Integrate 360° coaching as a catalyst for accountable execution
  • Leverage business analytics to align HR milestones
  • Accelerate behavior change with technology-enabled tools

How Next Gen Strategic HR Works

The Next Gen Strategic HR is an integrated system of solutions based on 30 years of HR competency research by Dave Ulrich at the RBL Institute. In the most recent and comprehensive study in 2016, HRCS provided new insight into the highest return competencies practiced by the HR professional who have proven to create both internal and external value for their organizations.

The Next Gen Strategic HR system has solutions broken into four phases based on a company’s needs:

ANALYTICS Assessment of the personal proficiency and/or team effectiveness based on global HR benchmarks.
ACTIVATION Plan of action to maximize HR’s strategic execution and contribution to desired business outcomes.
ACCELERATION Behavior change initiatives that focus on expanding the strategic capabilities with a purpose-built transformational process that develops trusted advisors.
ACCOUNTABILITY Enablement and sustainment strategies to capture, coach and communicate the strategic progress and business results from the Next Gen system.


There are Six Building Blocks to becoming a Trusted Advisor through the Next Gen Strategic HR system:

#1 – Elevate HR Value
Objective: Understanding and applying a mindset and skillset that enables value-centric employee behaviors.

#2 – Right Strategy … Right Talent
Objective: Developing and practicing a tech-enabled process for aligning talent with core capabilities and strategic direction.

#3 – Relational Consulting
Objective: Integrating relational outreach with a consulting model that explores gaps in strategic execution and co-creates solution. 

#4 – 360° Coaching
Objective: Implementing a collaborative team process for expert, manager, peer and self- coaching for development and accountability.

#5 – ChangeAgiIity
Objective: Insuring HR initiatives stay in step with the pace of change by partnering with leaders in a process to sustain strategic focus.

#6 – Align with Analytics
Objective: Building and tracking HR metrics based on the behaviors that provide the highest return in value to the business.

The Next Gen Strategic HR system builds strategic competencies with results-producing learning designs made relevant through their application in real-world projects. They are reinforced with a regular coaching cadence based on results captured in an HR Dashboard that monitors progress in achieving business-focused behavioral analytics, tied to the outcomes from new. In addition, a Communication Celebration blueprint is developed with leadership to highlight early wins and best practices. Finally, by comparing and contrasting current results with pre­-workshop assessment findings, team and personal Re-Assessments help to examine progress and ROI.



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