Consulting Testimonials

“I have always felt the need both for a McKinsey approach to strategy and a Ferrazzi Greenlight behavioral change approach to assure our people can execute on whatever strategy is at hand.“     

– Devin Wenig, CEO Ebay Marketplace, former CEO of Reuters

"You do phenomenal work."

-- Andrew Liveris, CEO, Dow Chemical

"What's great about Ferrazzi Greenlight is not just that they are helping us execute on our plans. They really get us to think, they get us to think differently about how we should relate to our clients and about how we should be more generous with our clients and build relationships before we transact business."

--Robin Kimzey, Senior Manager, Accenture

"Our investment in up-skilling our account teams is paying off.  The FG account-based coaching has already delivered $1.1 billion in new closed work and $3.7 billion in pipeline." 

-- Neil Blakesley, BT's Global Head of Marketing

"Ferrazzi Greenlight's philosophy so completely resonated with me right from the start. Their fresh approach produced a positive and uplifting impact on me personally and on my organization."

--Scott Bowen, CFO, Deutsche Bank

"Ferrazzi Greenlight's expertise with developing client and employee relationships has proved invaluable for our organization. FG's perspective is essential to our business, where the quality of the relationship we have with our customers is as important as the quality of the technology we provide them."

--Ajit Singh, PhD, President & CEO, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Speaking Testimonials

"Keith offered unique and provocative insights into the strategies needed improve bottom line sales revenue, improve relationships both internally and externally, and to garner success on a personal and professional level. His unique principles and ideas for building business relationships that reflect personal relationships has allowed us to nurture a work place that fosters innovation and empowers individuals to achieve their best."

--Clem Palevich, President & CEO, Constellation New Energy

"I have never seen a speaker put so much energy and so much heart into the role. By the end of a two- day conference not only did we all know Keith but we also knew each other better because of his coaching and coaxing on personal relationship building while at the event."

--Tom Kelley, President & CEO, IDEO

"After speaking at our HR retreat, I now realize why Keith has been heralded as a networking guru. To most of us, networking has a negative connation that conjures up an image of glad handlers exchanging business cards while holding a martini in their other hand. Keith is the exception to this rule and will change the way you forever see relationships. He was able to connect with the audience on a level intimacy which I never thought before was possible. You could literally see the change in the tone and the dynamic of the conference after he spoke. Not only was he inspirational, but his message was insightful and thought provoking."

--Judy Cascapera, SVP Human Resources, Nestle

"Keith’s presentation at our annual National Specialist conference was an excellent start to our day. Not only was his message consistent with our overall messaging, but his energy and enthusiasm and style of delivery made his a perfect presenter to kick off the day!”"

--Angie Pfeifer, Assistant Vice-President, Corporate Meetings & Incentives, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

"Thank you for your engaging and dynamic keynote presentation at our leadership conference. We have been getting rave reviews on both your message and delivery. Based on the stories and exercises you used to emphasize key points, the leaders I spoke with during the conference were able to see themselves a bit differently and identify ways to improve both their work and personal relationships going forward. It was a great how you were able to tie in comments from our breakfast meeting just prior to your presentation in order to customize content--in the moment--to establish an early sense of connection with our group. I also was personally impressed with the amount of energy you were able to demonstrate in your delivery so shortly after a major surgery."

--Susan Peters, VP Director of Learning and Development, US Bank



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