Ferrazzi Greenlight drives human behavior change in the workplace with an aim to transform bad behaviors that keep your organization from achieving your strategic vision.

Our consulting team has achieved transformational sales results in particular. And we've done it with many of the most iconic companies in the world.

Rapid ROI, Long-Term Gain. To get an idea of the range of sales impact we're capable of, consider the examples of a top-tier consulting firm, where we have ignited a movement based on the achievements of the first few Strategic Account Teams we've coached. Just months into their new behaviors, each team is already reporting positive ROI. Then consider BT, where we have changed the behavior of 1,300 individuals working on 140 Account-Based Teams in 22 countries.

Consulting Firm Secures Stronger Sales Relationships

Here's what senior consultant Daniel had to say after working with Ferrazzi Greenlight to make fundamental changes to the behaviors of his top-tier consulting firm's Strategic Account Management team for one of the world's largest big box retailers:

“Ferrazzi Greenlight did a great job with our Big Box Retailer team, making sure people broke away from their default approach of focusing on the 'transactional' and what’s important to us (e.g., 'get her reaction to the RFI' ) vs. the relational and what’s important to the client (e.g., 'follow up on offer to connect her with another every-day-low-pricing, non-loyalty card retailer'). We've already seen an early win: We're invited to be the keynote at an upcoming conference for their top executives.”

Intentional Focus Rather Than Incidental Acts.  Daniel is just one of many at the consultancy who thought he was great at relationships without really trying but came to realize that:

  • Relationships are fundamental to business success
  • Most individuals and organizations lack the number, quality and level of relationships to achieve their goals and have no effective way to address this critical problem
  • With the right mindset, process, skills and best practices, individuals and organizations can behave in a way that dramatically improves the speed at which they build the  business relationships required to achieve sustained strategic partnerships. The sales results that follow speak for themselves.

By beginning to apply our Relationship Account Strategy (RAS) discipline, this top-tier consulting firm saw the measurable impact of improving relationships critical to propelling client partnerships as follows:

  • The large Big Box Retailer account team improved Relation Quality scores for two key decision makers from 1.5 to 3 on a scale of 5 in a few months. That increase coincided with a pipeline increase of approximately $10 million and $2 million in immediate supplemental sales. Longer term impact is expected to be much greater.
  • The account team serving a major automative firm reported $25 million in supplement pipeline and a recent $5.7 million win was attributed in part to our RAS coaching
  • The account team serving a leading innovator of medical solutions won a three-quarter million-dollar based on our RAS principles within a month of the program getting underway. Pipeline for 2013 has more than tripled with the potential to go as high as 5X.

BT Builds Pipeline, Deal Flow, and Increases Account Penetration 27%

At BT, Ferrazzi Greenlight trained over 1,300 individuals and 140 teams in 22 countries on strategies and tactics to identify, develop, manage and leverage key business relationships. Each account team started the program with an in-person workshop in which they defined long-term goals, identified target contacts, determined how to make each target contact successful, and aligned other people in their organization who could help them engage with each target.

A Focus On Client Success Rather Than Transactions. The ABM workshops changed a fundamental behavior in the sales force. “We flipped the way we talked to customers — moving away from talking about network components to talking about how BT could help,” says Rachael Bell, Head of BT's Account Based Markeing Program in Asia Pacific. Business Development Director Martin Hunt continues: “It changed the way I developed new opportunities with companies. I'm much more focused on helping them deliver their strategic objectives.”

Participants quickly learned that relational selling wasn’t about turning clients into friends but assessing relationships in a systematic, generous, focused fashion. “Were they the right relationships? And what was the productivity of those relationships? What came from our relationships? Before the program, we didn’t have a disciplined, consistent approach and we did very little to track what we did do,” says Andrea Ford, head of executive engagement and insight in the U.K.

And of course that kind of continual progress significantly improves your bottom line.  After 19 months of working with British Telecom in a global Relationship Account Strategy engagement, BT's Global Head of Marketing Neil Blakesley says: "Our investment in up-skilling our account teams is paying off.  The FG account-based coaching has already delivered $1.1 billion in new closed work and $3.7 billion in pipeline."