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In an era of instant information and rapid commoditization, a competitive advantage is a moving target. Even top-performing organizations find it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves with their brands and products alone. Who you are and what you sell is frequently trumped by how you sell it—but learn the highest return behaviors and you're sure to experience breakthroughs.  

When we take a client through our FG Way process, we drill into the following questions and make the proper responses your team's reflexive actions.

Strategic Elevation

  1. To what extent do your strategic account teams elevate the relevance of their business conversations to meet the strategic needs of decision-makers and influencers?
  2. How well do your strategic account teams align their solutions with a customer's "big bet" initiatives?


  1. How well do your strategic account team members work together—across both functions and lines of business—to apply their unique talents and experience to create customer value?   
  2. How well do your strategic account teams build commitment to their solutions by working with their customer to foster innovation and differentiation? 

Relational Leverage

  1. To what extent do your account teams leverage incorporate individual relationships and internal and external networks into their strategic account plans?
  2. How well do your account teams research individuals and engage with them to provide value beyond your products and services?

One Firm Mindset

  1. Do the metrics of your management and compensation processes align business units and functions with the results of your strategic account program?
  2. How well does your organization coach and track account-plan execution across businesses/functions and celebrate the results of team members? 

One of the byproducts of our work is an old-way to new-way behaviors map that drills down to the co-created high-return practices that will elevate your selling success. The act of co-creating the practices and being coached on them—not just in a classroom, but in the actual selling process—makes them part of your team's DNA.

To see the level of success possible by working with us on the selling effectiveness of your strategic account teams, read our BT case study.