Click through to the Greenlight Research Institute SiteThe think tank of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Greenlight Research Institute's overriding goal is to crack the code of individual and organizational behavior that drives desired business outcomes.

Our Laboratory: Global 1000 Organizations
Our research team applies extensive training in management, marketing, psychology, and the creation and analysis of individual and group assessment instruments in the laboratory of Global 1000 businesses. 

Sponsored Secondary Research
Our work on behalf of, and in partnership with, thought-leading individuals and organizations usually begins with secondary research run through the filters of relational science and the closely related science of behaviorism.

Applied Research
The institute's applied research includes measuring the effectiveness of Ferrazzi Greenlight interventions, which tap the power of intentional relationship management and coaching of behavior change to improve individual satisfaction and organizational results.

Primary Research
Primary research tests the broader applicability of such interventions via analysis of the historic record. Do similar management practices match up to improved career-success metrics for individuals and accretive financial results for organizations?

Experiential Learning
The institute applies cutting-edge scientific theory and integrates Ferrazzi Greenlight's vast experiential knowledge from 10 years of working closely with many of the world's most iconic organizations. The result is constant refinement of solutions that are scientifically sound and real-world proven.

Thought-leading Outputs
Our outputs include sponsored research with partner organizations, publications in leading business journals, our own thought-provoking blogs, research-based methodologies codified by Ferrazzi Greenlight's curriculum design team, and an increasing pace of research-based management books including three targeted for publication in 2013 and early 2014.

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