Culture shift begins at the top. Senior leaders lead change by being living, breathing examples of the ethos they seek.

A program that is not wholly embraced by upper management can be experienced by the troops as yet another way they are being judged. If senior leaders don't see themselves as equally "on the hook" for change as the people they hope to lead, the change effort is seriously hampered.

Ferrazzi Greenlight offers specific executive team coaching in the form of High Impact Teams and Collaborative Problem Solving to make sure your organization keeps communication flowing between the C-Suite and the rest of the company.

High Impact Team

Several principles underly Ferrazzi Greenlight's conduct of High Impact Team sessions:
  • The mindsets of generosity, intimacy, candor, and accountability drive better relationships.
  • Teams that are bonded and committed to each other based on these mindsets are better at reaching collaborative solutions to achieve the desired business outcomes.
  • The most effective learning results from doing important work in a new way and experiencing the benefits of the change in real-time. High-Impact Team is a new way of working.

In Ferrazzi Greenlight's well-tested High Impact Team methodology, Keith Ferrazzi personally establishes the team as a safe haven for candor and risk-taking. Working together collaboratively, the team builds trust and greater mutual commitment as they evolve into high-performing teams who have each other's backs and won't let each other fail via:

  • Peer-to-peer accountability that provides feedback and support for sustainable behavior change.
  • A service project that often plays a critical role, driving more meaningful conversations and a caring mindset that bonds the team further. Coaching focuses on advancing each member's leadership ability.
  • People Plans that guide the team to mindfully advance relationships among team members and with those most important to team success.

Verifiable Positive Results. Our methodology has repeatedly improved team cohesion and leadership for change at numerous companies, including Safeway, BT, and Lincoln Financial Group. Through the HIT methodology, team members learn to:
  • Take risks and say what they’re thinking
  • Help each other succeed, focus, and align resources to tackle their toughest business challenges
  • Be inclusive of information
  • Be transparent about risks, tradeoffs, ownership, and accountability.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Constructing and owning knowledge as a group increases team engagement levels, transcending results typically achieved by HR and training initiatives.

The teaming for collaborative problem-solving also addresses the fact that time pressures and flatter organizations have made today's front-line managers "player coaches.” Managers are barely able to complete what they're directly measured on, let alone coach others to go beyond the fundamentals. The Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) team fills some of that gap through peer-to-peer coaching.

CPS Defines Change at the Field Level. As part of Ferrazzi Greenlight's larger change process, Collaborative Problem Solving is used to identify the levers that will accelerate change. Our approach treats people as full-scale partners and contributors. Teams are formed to ferret out organizational blockers and to drive transformation. On the docket are policy and process changes, but also skills and knowledge sets, and ultimately behaviors and practices. Communication of CPS outcomes across departments and at different levels helps people understand the plan and work toward change, celebrating as well as providing "how-to" clarity. 

Collaboration Drives Ongoing Change. In our larger change process, we use Collaborative Problem Solving teams not only for the initial vectors of change direction, but also to tune that course to best achieve the metrics that define success. Ongoing team collaboration ensures there are no blind spots that initial planning might have missed and even tunes success metrics. That empowerment makes the work of CPS teams both more satisfying and more effective.

Collaborative Coaching. Ferrazzi Greenlight provides trusted advisors to CPS teams to facilitate their succes. We encourage participants to be accountable for continuous achievement of business results. Since everything a company achieves is accomplished by people, much of our coaching is focused on the relationship skills that accelerate business success.