An organization's culture is nothing more than a set of its employees' behaviors and practices.

The key to Ferrazzi Greenlight's consulting approach is our knowledge that organizations don't change, people do, but never because they feel they should change.

What Behaviors Keep Your Organization From Implementing Strategies? For each key business initiative, we map problematic old-way habits to new ways of behaving that directly correlate to the achievement of your business strategy and desired results.

The Challenge. There needs to be a clear and tangible reason (financial, operational, market shift, etc.) for why the change is an organizational imperative. We shape a challenge delivered by your leaders that opens up employees to the possibility of change by gaining empathy for leadership. But the personal imperative is critical: "I want to do this for me." 

Personal Motivation to Change. Our model reinvigorates employees by tapping into their personal purposes and aligning them with the business purpose, which is crucial to reigniting a sense of real promise and overcoming cynicism.

Small Steps to Reach Big Goals. We orchestrate early, easily achievable and digestible "tastes of success." Celebrating the specific "how-to's" behind those successes in our coaching turns the pioneers into role models.

A Community That Knows "How-To."  These role models curate a growing community that carries on and, via collaboration, improves on the specific "how-to" of the transformative change. Not only do they create the pathway but spread the gospel by coaching their peers.

Why We Succeed When Most Change Initiatives Fail. Many factors are in play, but a key one is that other change practices discuss changing behaviors at the level of "the end in mind," meaning,  "We need to sustain a greater degree of client contact." We translate the new behaviors into specific sequences for people to practice that are easy to try, easy to measure, and deliver satisfying results. One example:

"Improve your relationships with clients critical to your success by 'pinging' them regularly with a generous email focused on helping them succeed."  

Our clients are often surprised by the positive response, and that taste of success in the execution of real work leads to repetition of the new, successful behavior.

Relationships Motivate Human Behavior. The shifts for each constituency often require new relational behaviors and practices that are un-curated and under-attended to in most organizations. Ferrazzi Greenlight is noted for cracking this portion of the code of human behavior.  

We could go on, but instead we invite you to drill down into what we do for Change Acceleration, increasing Sales Effectiveness, and improving team performance through Executive Collaboration for a more targeted answer to your questions.