Turning Two Companies Into One High-Impact Team


Two former rival information services and publishing companies merged. Executives who only weeks before had been competing for the same clients were expected to function as an executive team. But the team was internally competitive and highly factional.


Our client wanted us to empower the members of the merged company to support each other through the transition and build a cohesive team to create new levels of success and innovation – and that started with the executive team. As part of our High-Impact Team program, we used collaborative problem solving (CPS) sessions to optimize new budgets and plans, to advance strategic relationships, and to introduce the practice of peer-to-peer coaching to create a safe, supportive environment for building trust among the executive team members.

We then cascaded these relational practices throughout company and encouraged peer support within the departments that report to the executive team to transform the newly merged company.



  • Peer support became a defining characteristic of the merged company.
  • The budget and business plan were built quickly, and results exceeded market expectations.
  • Increased collaboration and accountability among leadership team members.
  • Quicker decision making by engaging all key stakeholders in a collaborative manner and ensuring alignment moving forward.


  • Information Systems
  • High-Impact Teams
  • Behavior Change
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Relationships
We showed our best work as the market continued to shift and grew more difficult. Our success absolutely hinged on the closeness we invested in up front.


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