Greenlight Giving

Behaviorial Transformation in Service to Society

In our not-for-profit work, we apply our relational practices where they can help transform the lives of disadvantaged populations and help all of us go higher together.

Opening People to Change Opens Them to One Another

At Greenlight Giving, we serve individuals and groups in which the building of trust, empathy, and candid conversation can unleash radical breakthroughs. We not only want to make a difference in lives of the people we touch, but we also seek to inspire future leaders who, having experienced the results of transformation, go on to manifest the highest-return behavior change for society.

We have worked with returning veterans and college students, children in the foster care system and in underserved schools and communities in the U.S. and Guatemala.

As father to a foster son, Keith is dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care.

Our sponsorship of a school in Antigua, Guatemala provided funds to improve its infrastructure and supplies.

Big Task weekend asks entrepreneurs and business leaders to bring big ideas for changing the world.